Hykolity 2x4 Feet 50W Ultra Slim Flushmount LED Built-in Driver Flat Panel Troffer Light, Residential Surface Mount /Commercial Drop Ceiling Dimmable Ceiling Fixture 5300lm 4000K-4 Pack

Hykolity LED Lighting

  • $499.99

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  • ✔ ENERGY SAVING - Energy Savings of up to 65% over our product's lifespan. Rated over 50,000 hours of use, that's about 23 years @ 6 hours/ day.
  • ✔ QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION - With a high quality internal driver, this panel light can be surface mounted without a mounting kit.
  • ✔ HIGH PERFORMANCE - A smooth PMMA cover allows for uniform light output at a stunning 5300 lumens to replace old fluorescent tube fixture.
  • ✔ WIDE APPLICATION - Widely installed in home, hotel, office, meeting room, show room, hospital, supermarket, schools, etc.
  • ✔ DIMMABLE - 0-10V dimmable. Our lights high quality driver allows our light to dim without any unwanted flickering, flashing or humming noise.

2x4 Ft LED Panel
Hykolity Edge-lit LED Panels produce smooth and evenly distributed light with no glare, flicker or hot spots. The LED Panel light is a great replacement for old fluorescent fixtures. Produced for both home and commercial application
1. Consumes 50W to replace 150W traditional fluorescent light 
2. Durable, powder-coated white frame with seamless bezel
3. Internal Driver design, electrical current flow will be more stable and directly install as flush mount without Surface Mount Kit
4. High Quality Assurance. 5 Years warranty provided. Long lifespan last up to 50,000hrs
5. Unique, Ultra-slim design
6. Dimmable
7.UPC: 641606963148
8. Input Voltage: 100-277VAC 50/60Hz
9. 5300 lumens brightness with 4000K Neutral white
10. Three alternative mounting options are available: built-in, surface and suspended. Please note: accessories for suspended and Junction Box should be bought separately

Wide Application of LED ceiling light
Ideal replacement for fluorescent fixtures and tubes
Office, School, Hospital, Hotel, Meeting room, Home, Show room
Supermarket, Airport, Railway station, Factory.