Walkway lighting ideas

A well-lit walkway will not only save your family or guests from stumbling in the dark, but also glorify the look of the exteriors. Especially in the night, lights enhance the visual appeal of your garden. Hykolity presents the top three lights that are perfectly designed to make your walkway look beautiful and feel safe.

  1. LED Mini Wall Pack

The LED mini walls packs lights to have strong dustproof and waterproof ratings and are perfect for outdoors. They give an output of 3900lm, which is diffused by its polycarbonate lens, giving it a subtle effect. These lights turn on during the night and off during the day due to its dusk-to-dawn photocell. They can be easily installed by externally wiring the entry port in the PC lens. By setting these lights on the wall, you can change the entire look of your outdoor space.

  1. LED Landscape Light

The LED landscape lights can be placed by the walkway path. They are ideal for outdoors because they are weather-resistant, durable and are made of cast-aluminum which supports heat dissipation. The 3W light gives an output of 150lm, the 4.5W light gives an output of 205lm, and the 10W light gives an output of 390lm. It gives out 3000K bright light which adds sufficient light to the landscape at night. Replace halogen bulbs with these lights and save up to 80% on your electricity bills.

  1. LED Canopy Light

The LED canopy light is a ceiling fixture that gives a bold and dramatic look to your walkway. These bright lights are IP66 waterproof rated and are a perfect choice for outdoors. They consist of the top quality CREE COB LED chips. The 40W lights produce an output of 4800lm and the 70W lights produce an output of 8400lm.