Shopping Malls Lighting Tips

A well-lit shopping mall gives a positive experience to the customers. The customers form opinions on the overall experience they get in the shopping mall. They would always prefer to spend more time shopping in a great ambiance than in a poorly lit shopping mall. Here are some of the lighting options that are perfect for shopping malls.

  1. LED Gas Station Lights

LED gas station lights are perfectly bright to light up a shopping mall. They can be installed by pendant mounting or direct surface mounting. By replacing the out-dated lights with the LED gas station canopy lights, you could reduce your electricity bills by up to 76%. It consists of SMD 3030 LED chips which are of top quality. It consumes 150W and gives an output of 19500lm.

  1. LED Recessed Can Lights

LED recessed can lights are sleek and stylish. They are easy to install. You can set the brightness of these lights as per your mood by simply attaching a dimmer to it. Flickering and buzzing are never an issue with these lights. It emits 3000K-5000K bright light which creates a soothing environment. It consumes just 9W-12W of power and produces 600lm-1000lm bright light.

  1. LED Troffer Panel Light

LED troffer panel lights add an artistic touch to the ceilings. They give an output of 4680lm-6500lm at just 36W-50W. They are a long-term investment. Its curved polycarbonate lens diffuses the 5000K bright light, spreading it evenly around. These low-maintenance lights will not only reduce your electricity expenses but are also free from discoloration and flickering.

  1. LED Exit Light

The Hykolity adjustable two-head wall mount emergency LED exit lights are maintenance-free. You can rely on it during emergencies as its nickel-cadmium battery offers a power back-up of 90 minutes.