Restaurants Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays an integral part in the customer experience in a restaurant. Customer experience is the main cause of the success or failure of a restaurant business. Lightings that complement the décor create a soothing ambiance for the customers. Here are some of the lighting options that will enhance the look and feel of your restaurant.

1.LED-Wall Sconces Light

LED-wall sconces add a trendy look to your restaurant. It saves space compared to the portable fixtures. The Hykolity 12W wall sconces with an output of 850lm are perfectly designed to brighten up your restaurant interiors. It’s 4000K white light gets uniformly distributed across the room, adding a refreshing touch to the interiors. If you are looking for lighting up your restaurant exteriors, the 20W LED up and down cylinder light with black finish by Hykolity is a perfect choice. These cylinder-shaped lights give out light from the top-end and the bottom-end. It’s 1400lm gives an inviting look to the restaurant exteriors. They save electricity and are eco-friendly. They are compatible with any kind of weather.

2.LED Recessed Can Lights

These lights are sleek and stylish and are easy to install. By attaching a dimmer, you can set the brightness as per the theme of your restaurant. Flickering or buzzing will never be an issue with these lights. They emit 3000K-5000K bright white light that gives a clear view of the interiors. It gives an output of 600lm-1000lm on 9W-12W of power.

3.LED Slim Panel Light

LED slim panel downlights are perfect for adding a touch of drama to restaurant décor. These LED ceiling lights provide a bright look to the entire space. They are environment-friendly and you can install them by yourself. You can set the brightness as per the need.