Lighting for Libraries and Workshops

Lightings in a library should be such that it creates a soothing atmosphere for the readers. A good amount of light on the bookshelves and adequate lights on the reading tables is necessary. Likewise, it is very important to choose the right lightings for a workshop. A well-lit workshop will increase the productivity of the employees. Here are some lighting options by Hykolity that are best suited for libraries and workshops.

  1. LED Architectural Linear Light

The LED architectural linear lights can be used in both libraries and workshops. Their brightness is appropriate for study as well as work purposes. These lights will last longer and give an output of 5000K white light. It consumes just 40W-60W of power and helps save a lot in terms of electricity expenses.

  1. LED Commercial Square Wraparound Light

LED commercial square wraparound lights are a perfect choice for a library or a workshop. Its 4400lms light creates s suitable ambiance for a professional space. It gives out 5000K white light which is distributed evenly throughout the area by its polystyrene lens. It consumes only 40W of power, yet gives a classy feel to the place. The package consists of all the necessary hardware that is required to mount these lights.

  1. LED Linear Light Fixture

LED linear lights provide an elegant look to a library or a workshop. Its 5000K white light is evenly distributed throughout the space by its polycarbonate lens. By connecting a dimmer, you can set the brightness as per the requirement. These lights add a professional touch to space. It consumes 40W of power and gives an output of 130lms per watt. It lasts for around 50000 hours. The package includes all the installation hardware like v-hooks, cables, and mounting plates.