LED Lights for Stadiums

Traditionally, High-Intensity Discharge metal halide lights have been used to light up a stadium. A good LED stadium light produces brighter light at lesser energy and also lasts longer. This is why more and more sports venue owners and sports clubs demand LED lights for their stadiums. Hykolity presents high quality LED lights that guarantees a great experience to the players and audiences while benefitting the administration as well.

  1. LED High Bay Light

The LED high bay lights produce lights that match with the brightness of the daylight which makes a night match as enjoyable as a day match. The light is dispersed in 110 degrees beam angle, thus ensuring wide coverage of the field. Each of these lights produces a 5000K high-quality light that is good enough to illuminate a stadium. Its 35% wider dimension, secure build and the industrial-grade enhance its effectiveness and longevity. It can be mounted using a hanging hook that comes in the package.

  1. LED Flood Lights

The LED floodlights produce light that can make a night as bright as day. Hykolity’s LED floodlights range from an output of 5000 lumens to 20000 lumens. It directs 5000K white light on the players at 120 degrees beam angle. It’s die-cast aluminium body supports heat dissipation and thus protects it from any damage caused by overheating. Its scale-like reflectors contribute to the success of your sporting event by reducing the wastage of light and maximizing the output. Stadium lights need to be weather resistant as they would be exposed to humidity and water. Hykolity’s LED floodlights are IP65 waterproof rated and are prepared to withstand tough weather conditions. These lights are long term solutions as they promise to last for 50000 hours.