LED Lighting for Storage Space

Working in storage spaces is often quite challenging as generally, they have low lightings. A good LED lighting helps the storage space owners save on maintenance costs. Here are some really good lights that are perfectly designed for storage space.

  1. LED Commercial Square Wraparound Light

The LED commercial square wraparound light produces 4400lm of light on just 40W of power, which is good enough to brighten up your storage space. It produces 5000K white light which is diffused and evenly distributed by its polystyrene lens. You get all the hardware that you need to install it along with the package.


  1. LED Commercial Rounded Wraparound Light

The LED commercial rounded wraparound light covers the whole area with its brightness. The polycarbonate lens diffuses the 5000K bright white light produced by the LED chips and evenly distributes the light. It gives an output of 6000lm by consuming 60W of power. You can easily mount them on the wall/ceiling using the hardware that is provided along with it.


  1. Linkable LED Linear Light Fixture

A Hykolity linkable linear light will maximize your ability in the storage space. The 40W lights give an output of 5200lm and the 75W lights give an output of 9825lm. It has a lifespan of 50000 hours. The mounting plates, cables, and v-hooks are provided along, which you can use for installing the lights. You can set the brightness as per the requirement by attaching a dimmer.


  1. LED Vapor Tight Light

With the LED vapor tight lights you do not have to worry about the humid environment in the storage area. They are also resistant to dust and dirt. They have an IP65 waterproof rating and can also withstand extreme cold environment.