Backyards Lighting Ideas

The backyard is that area of your home where you would want to spend time with your family, dine or just relax. A well-planned LED lighting of good quality can add a touch of grandeur to your backyard. Here are some lighting options by Hykolity that will help you add a simple yet magical touch to your backyard.

  1. LED Outdoor String Light

Create your own little oasis with the LED outdoor string lights. They are tangle-free and easily movable. You can hang them by their loops with the help of cup hooks, zip ties, or guide wires. Each string consists of 15 lights of 2W placed at a distance of 3 feet. They are weather-resistant and helps you save on your electricity bills.

  1. LED Landscape Light

LED landscape lights are simple lights that will make your backyard safer. Their cast-aluminum construction supports heat dissipation also makes them weather-resistant. They are highly durable and lasts for 50000 hours. Replacing the halogen lights with these LED landscape lights will save you 80% on power consumption.

  1. LED Security Light

LED security lights are an easy and reasonable way of illuminating your backyard. They create a positive vibe by shining bold lights downwards. They brighten up space and at the same time add a touch of drama and style. They are IP65 waterproof rated and are ideal for outdoor usage. The photocell automatically turns them on during the night and off during the daytime.

  1. LED Barn Light

Set a mystical vibe in your backyard with the Hykolity LED barn lights. It provides 5000K white light by consuming just 40W-80W of power. The built-in photocell helps them automatically turn on during the night and turns off during the day. They are IP65 water-resistant rated and weather-resistant.