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4 inches and 6 inches LED recessed housings are specially designed for quick and easy installation during new construction projects. Each recessed housing comes with a dedicated LED PUSH-N-CLICK clips in housing to grip uneven holds and surfaces, allowing for tool-free installation.

Features of LED Light Remodel Housing

High Quality: ETL Listed, Hykolity remodel housing is made of high-quality aluminium for high heat dissipation. Also made to the highest standards to avoid electrical shocks or fire hazards

Easy Installation: Push-n-click design, Quick Connect wiring connectors INCLUDED in junction box and TP24 connectors for easy and fast installation.

Air Tight and IC Rated: Hykolity remodel recessed can is suitable for use in direct contact with ceiling insulation, Air-tight and suitable for damp location

Wide Application: Compatible with 4inch led recessed downlights which are ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, meeting rooms, offices, hallways, washrooms, restrooms, garages and similar applications

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