Low Bay Linear Lighting

A bright new look to your garage, shop (even your man-cave)

Installing LED low bay linear lighting is perfect way to change the look of any garage, shop or even  your man-cave. This LED fixture gives off a much brighter light than the regular incandescent or fluorescent lights. It can drastically change the ambient look of any area instantly thanks to the bright white lighting LEDs give off. Some clients who have done the retrofitting have compared it to night and day differences.

Whether it’s a garage or any other area, replacing old style lighting with LEDs will save you time on unnecessary maintenance and replacement of bulbs.  LEDs are know for lasting longer and of course saving you money and energy.   

More money in your pocket

Take advantage of the rebates that the energy companies have for qualifying purchases of LED lights. The programs vary according to each state and by company, so please check with your local energy company for further details.

Want to know more?

Besides having all the benefits of saving money, and energy, LED low bay lights have a wide range of applications. They can also be installed in offices, kitchens, stairwells, basements and even under the cabinet.  Hykolity offers a 5 year warranty against defects, so if it ever goes out, give us a call and we will take care of you.

LED Low Bay Garage Shop Lights