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Superior Levels of LED Lighting for Any Outdoor Space

Hykolity LED flood lights give you an abundant output light to use as security lighting or landscape/architectural lighting. You can choose between 5000 lumens and 20000 lumens of output for your individual needs. All flood light fixtures have a waterproof rating of IP65 and are built to withstand the most rugged weather conditions, ensuring they last 50000 hours. They also feature 5000K white lighting to give you accurate color rendering.

How to Use LED Flood Lights

The simplest method of applying our LED flood lights is mounting them at the top of buildings to use as security lighting. Shine a powerful LED light over a wide space for maximum visibility and safety. However, there are other creative methods that you can use to utilize our flood light fixtures like:

  • Wall washing – also known as façade lighting, spreading a uniform LED light across a structure for accenting
  • Shadowing – positioning an LED light to cast a shadow of an object onto a wall
  • Wall grazing – highlighting patterns of complex textures like stone walls, tree bark, and vines
  • Up-lighting – emboldening buildings by directing light upwards
LED Flood Lighting
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