LED Retrofit Kits Outdoor

The Cost-Effective Solution for Outdoor Lighting

Hykolity outdoor LED retrofit kits are brighter and consume less power than any metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or fluorescent lights. They also shine in a neutral 5000K white or higher for maximum clarity and safety at night. These LED light bulbs can replace your HID lamp’s or parking light’s faltering bulbs using existing mogul base sockets.

Your savings will add up when you install our outdoor LED retrofit kits. Your upfront costs will decrease with no fixture replacement required and your monthly rates will diminish thanks to lower power consumption. You will also save time during your installation process; the plug-and-play action reduces your light fixture upgrading down to a few minutes.

Where to Use LED Retrofit Kits

We offer LED parking light bulbs and LED corn light bulbs, both made for outdoor use. Each retrofit kit is rated for damp location use, so you can use them in many settings like home garages and parking lots. The LED corn bulbs are especially ideal replacements for lamppost lighting to create an inviting space, brightening streets and walkways.