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For your home to your office lighting upgrading, LED is the best investment you can make. Hykolity Edge-lit LED Flush Mount Panels to produce smooth and evenly distributed light with no glare, flicker or hot spots. LED Panel Series are edge-lit, available in a white frame, and designed to lay in 1x1, 1x2, or 1x4 fixtures. The LED Flush Mount Panel light is a great replacement for old fluorescent fixtures. Produced for both home and commercial application

Energy Saving - Output at a STUNNING 4000 Lumens for this panel light. Only Consumes 40W to replace 120W traditional fluorescent light. Unique Design - Built-in the driver, ultra-slim design. Never have to worry about uneven lumen output; our LED Flush Mount Panel will shine evenly in consistent color temperature. With a high-quality internal driver, this panel light can be surface mount and recessed mount without a mounting kit. Widely installed in a home, kitchen, laundry room, hotel, office, meeting room, showroom, hospital, supermarket, schools, etc.
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