2x4 FT Flat LED Troffer Panel Light 50W 5000K- 2 Pack

Hykolity LED Lighting

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One of the most dependable LED lighting fixtures, this industrial light brings 6250 lumens at 5K daylight white.  This lighting fixture is rated for over 50K working hours.  One of the best LED lighting fixtures for industrial needs.  

You can also add a dimmer to control the amount of light if needs be.  This is one of the most popular lighting fixtures from Hykolity.  It has good reviews and it is backed by the standard 5 year warranty.

When an application calls for heavy use on lighting, this is the perfect solution.  It can save over 65% in energy over conventional fluorescent lights.  Another great thing is that this light can work with a dimmer, which brings more control over the ambient light.      

Warranty information:

Feel at ease with the purchase of this light as it has a 5 year warranty.  Hykolity will take care if the light fails to operate correctly.   

Can be used in:

Warehouses, storage buildings, gyms, hangars, factories and industrial areas.



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How to Install

Here is a PDF document which we compiled in order to give you a better understanding at how the LED lighting fixture should be installed.  We also encourage you to have any electrical work done by a licensed professional. 

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