1x2 FT Ultra Slim LED Flat Panel Troffer Light 25W 2500lm 4000K

Hykolity LED Lighting

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 Save on your next electric bill by switching to LED lighting for your buisiness needs. These ceiling panels are ideal to replace the old outdated fluorescent light bulbs that many offices are still using. 

LED light bulbs have a longer life span and are virtually maintenance free.  LED lights also do not have the problems that other light bulbs have such as uneven light distribution / color temperature.  


Warranty information:

Hykolity offers a 5 year warranty on all of its products. They also have one of the best customer service programs in the industry to make you feel more at ease when purchasing your new LED commercial lights.  

Can be used in:

Warehouses, storage buildings, gyms, hangars, and of course offices.



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How to Install

Here is a PDF document which we compiled in order to give you a better understanding at how the LED lighting fixture should be installed.  We also encourage you to have any electrical work done by a licensed professional. 

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