LED Down Light


All the rave with LED Down Lighting

Efficiency, saving energy and changing the look of the room all just by upgrading to a LED recessed or “down” lighting. Recessed lighting give a better modern look to many homes and offices.  The light sits inside the ceiling and the bulb projects a down light on the area underneath.

There are also retrofit kits which allow for the swapping of incandescent / halogen lights to a more environmentally friendly LED. Retrofitting to LEDs can be a great DYI project as most applications are easy to install.

Get the rebate

There are rebates when converting to LED lighting, these are offered in order to encourage more energy saving solutions. Please check with your local energy company about the details of any rebates for LED down lighting.


Want to know more?

There are many types of down lights and for that reason please check your application.  Some might require the housings to be changed as well, while others might be more of a simple plug and play.

Hykolity offers a 5 year warranty against defects on all the LED down lights. If it ever goes out, give us a call and we will take care of you.

LED down lighting