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Just Swap and Save!

LED corn light bulbs are the quickest solutions to dimming or dead light bulbs in otherwise intact fixtures. Simply swap out your bulbs to save money on replacement and maintenance costs! These LED retrofits designed to replace metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights and shine brighter than HID lamps. 

Not only are these corn light retrofits more energy efficient, but they also sustain their luminosity longer than MH or HPS lights. This means while MH/HPS bulbs lose lumens faster, LED corn bulbs maintain their bright light through its operating life. With a maximum brightness of 14400 lumens, you will be able to light up open spaces like sidewalks, warehouses, and parking garages.

Choose between 5000K or 6000K white to emit light that closely resembles daylight. LED corn light bulbs are manufactured with an E26 or E39 screw socket and can be used in commercial light fixtures like:

  • HID Fixtures
  • Shoebox Lights
  • Enclosed Pole Tops
  • UFO High Bays