LED Small Area Lights

Barn lights and small areas

Small area lighting are usually used to light up alleys side of buildings and often known as barn lights.  These offer a bright downward area light that pans out to keep the area well lit. These LED small area lights usually come with a photocell which will ensure that the light is out during the day.

Save energy by using LED lighting to light up your small areas.   


There are rebates to help you save money by switching to LED lighting. Check with your local energy company for more information.  Know that rebates vary according to each state and region.  

 Important facts

LED small area lights are perfect not only for barns, but make a great yard light.  Just about any application where it calls for an outdoor lit area can use these LED fixtures. Give yourself some peace of mind with the 5 year warranty that Hykolity offers on all its products. The lights have been rated IP65 which makes them ideal for outdoor applications. They are made of heavy duty die-cast aluminum and give off around 9800lm.   

LED Barn Light