Area Light Accessories

Adequate lighting is often a high priority for any public spaces. The intuitive automation keeps public areas well-lit from dusk until dawn, helping to keep spaces safe while also saving money and conserving energy. Photocells are used to automate lighting fixtures, turning off during daylight and activating when dark. Automatically turns on at night and off at sunrise with Twist lock plug configuration.

Hykolity 4" Square Pole Top Adaptor With Slip Fitter Mount is Great For Outdoor LED Shoebox Parking Lot Lights. Widely used for outdoor led shoebox light, parking lot light and floodlight with slip fitter Horizontal Wall Mounting Bracket Fit for LED shoebox parking lights with slip fitter mounts.

Hykolity’s bullhorn mounting bracket for led shoebox parking lot light with slip fitter mounts; 2 vertical tenons for flexible beam directions 180° bullhorn mounting bracket Compatible with other LED light fixtures with slip fitter mounts like parking lot lights and floodlights.