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LED linear lights are the quintessential light fixture because they are used everywhere. They provide just the right amount of light for almost any setting and are not overpowering. Whether it’s for your home or commercial space, you can’t go wrong with any of our LED linear light fixtures. With their efficient 40-60W range and 5000K white output, the LED linear lights bring you value through lower rates in your energy bills and a long operating life.

Which linear LED light should I use?

We offer three different kinds of LED linear lights. Our wraparound lights can be used for almost any application, suited for residential, retail, and industrial use. The linkable LED linear fixtures are our most versatile lamps; you can use as little or as much as your space allows to light up aisles or offices. Use our specially designed vapor tight LED linear lights in high moisture environments like refrigeration units.

No matter which linear light you select, your space’s visibility will be amplified for years to come.

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